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16 HD-SDI Magic DVR Replacement - Thursday, April 29, 2021
16ch HD-SDI EX-SDI DVR is now available, up to 8MP EX-SDI and up to 4MP SDI camera support now in stock as a Magic DVR replacement.

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16Ch Geovision PC Based Enterprise IP NVR 8TB

Geovision 16Ch Enterprise Rack-mount Security NVR, Quad Core Core i5, 8GB RAM and 8TB Hard drive space. supports 16 IP cameras (16 Geovision IP Cameras), H.264 compression and Mobile live view and play back.

16CH IP NVR Recorder with 8 PoE built in (LTN8716-P8)

Buy a 16Ch HD IP network IP recorder with built in 8 PoE ports for easy installation, this 16Ch HD IP NVR supports OnVif 3rd party IP cameras with up to 5MP recording resolution, this LTN8716-P8 NVR comes with VGA and HDMI 1080p outputs and takes up to 2 SATA hard drives (up to 4TB each) and backed with 2 years warranty.

16CH IP Platinum NVR Recorder with 4K support (LTN8716T-HT)

The All new LTN8716T-HT, an Enterprise 16Ch NVR recorder with support to additional HD-TVI cameras, this Platinum NVR supports up 4K resolution (8MP) of super high def IP cameras, with a total storage capability of 12TB on 2SATA hard drives, want to mix with HD-TVI over coax?! no problem with 16Ch HD-TVI 3.0 ports, add up to 16 TVI cameras with up to 3MP, total versatility and reliability the LTN8716T-HT comes with standard 3 Years warranty for a complete peace of mind experience.

32Ch Geovision PC Based 10TB Enterprise DVR Analog and IP

Geovision 32Ch Enterprise Rack-mount Security DVR, Quad Core i7, 12GB RAM and 10TB Hard drive space. Supports 16 Analog Cameras and 16 IP Cameras in 1 solution, Mobile viewing and multilevel user access.

4CH IP NVR Recorder (LTN8704-P4)

Professional level LTN8704-P4 4Ch IP NVR, with recording resolution up to 5MP and a storage up to 4TB, this NVR record real time and is able to 4CH simultaneous playback, built in 4 PoE ports and has VGA and HDMI outputs at 1080p full HD, a great IP video recorder with 2 years warranty.

8CH Compact IP NVR Recorder Wireless (LTN8208-W)

Elegant Design and compact, Platinum LTN8208-W 8Ch IP NVR Recorder, with recording resolution up to 6MP and a storage up to 4TB, this NVR Is wireless ready, built in 4 PoE ports and has VGA and HDMI outputs at 1080p full HD, a great IP video recorder with 2 years warranty.

8CH IP NVR Recorder Built in PoE (LTN8708-P8)

Professional level LTN8708-P8 8Ch IP NVR, with recording resolution up to 5MP and a storage up to 8TB, this NVR record real time and is able to 8CH simultaneous playback, built in 8 PoE ports and has VGA and HDMI outputs at 1080p full HD, a great IP video recorder with 2 years warranty.

Enterprise 64CH IP NVR Recorder (LTN9664-R)

LTN9664-R is An enterprise level 64Ch Network IP NVR, with up to 64 IP cameras at a resolution up to 5MP, a stand-alone 64 Channel IP Cameras DVR with storage to up to 32TB (8 SATA Hard drives with easy front lockable access and installation), Real time Recording @ 1920x180p, VGA and HDMI Full HD outputs, Dual Gigabit Ethernet and RAID support. a remarkable enterprise solution with 3 Years warranty.

Truon 16CH 1080p HD NVR for 16 HD IP cameras (NVST-SR516)

NVST-SR516 - 16Ch 1080p NVR, up to 5 megapixel recording resolution, Supports onvif 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 Also equipped with HDMI output along with VGA and BNC and up to 6TB storage.

Truon 32Ch Hybrid Network Video Recorder 16 IP Cameras + 16 Analog (NVST-SR632H)

NVST-SR632H is 32Ch a hybrid video recorder that recorder from analog and digital IP at the same time, with support to record from IP network megapixel (up to 5MP) cameras and standard cctv analog cameras at D1 resolution the NVST-SR632H is great NVR if you are expanding your analog cameras system, as you my keep some of your existing cameras and add new HD IP cameras. with multiple output option VGA, HDMI and BNC and capacity for 8 SATA drives.

VeoTek 16Ch Full HD IP NVR VGA HDMI Network Recorder (VT-NVR6516)

VeoTek 16Ch 1080p Network security NVR, supports uo to 16 IP Cameras at 2MP 1080p, also supports 960p and 720p, This NVR is cloud ready and works on iOS and android, HDMI out and VGA, 2 Years Warranty.

VeoTek 24Ch 1080P 32CH 960p Network IP NVR, VGA HDMI built in PoE (VT-NVR6124)

8*5M/16*3M/24*1080P /32*960P input;1/4/8/16/24/32 Screen display;2*5M/4*3M/4*1080P/8*960P play back,1CH*VGA,1CH*HDMI video out,1CH input/1CH Output Audio;16CH input/4CH Output Alarm ;8*SATA;100M network;Support Onvif

VeoTek 32Ch Network IP NVR, VGA HDMI (VT-NVR6024)

VeoTek Enterprise Level Up to 32Ch NVR, This flexible NVR allows you to chose multiple operation mode, This VT-NVR6024 NVR works in the flowing modes, 32Ch 960P/720P, 24Ch 1080p, 16Ch @ 3MP and 8Ch at 5MP resolution, Records in H.264 on up to 4 SATA Hard drives, compatible with Windows, Mac + iOS and Android mobile devices, VGA and HDMI outputs and Backed with our 5 Year warranty.

VeoTek 4Ch 960p Network IP NVR, VGA HDMI (VT-NVR5004)

4*960P/8*D1 input,1/4Screen Display;1*960P/4*D1 play back,1CH*VGA,1CH*HDMI video out,1*SATA;100M network, Support Onvif

VeoTek 8Ch 1080p Network IP NVR, VGA HDMI (VT-NVR5008)

Super compact and quiet, VeoTek VT-NVR5008, 8Ch 1080p H.264 auto detect cameras and very user friendly, 8Ch 1080p Security Camera NVR, Cloud ready, supports iOS and Android.

VeoTek 8Ch Network Video Recorder Built in PoE VGA HDMI 1080p (VT-NVR6508P)

8*1080P/960P/720P Input;1/4/8CH Screen Display ;1*1080P/4*720P Play back;1CH*BNC,1CH*VGA,1CH*HDMI video out;1CH Output Audio ;2*SATA; 8*POE Port Support Onvif
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