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16 HD-SDI Magic DVR Replacement - Thursday, April 29, 2021
16ch HD-SDI EX-SDI DVR is now available, up to 8MP EX-SDI and up to 4MP SDI camera support now in stock as a Magic DVR replacement.


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Dahua 8Ch 2MP CVI HD lite DVR (HCVR5208A-S3)

8 CH DVR,Max. 12CH(Upto 8CH BNC/12CH IP),2MP@15FPS,HDMI/VGA,Audio/Alarm,2 SATA

2MP Dahua 16Ch DVR (XVR5216A)

Dahua XVR5216A 16CH DVR,Max. 24CH(Upto 16CH BNC/24CH IP),2MP@15FPS,HDMI/VGA,Audio/Alarm,2 SATA

Dahua 16Ch 2MP Recorder (XVR5416L)

Dahua XVR5416L 16CH DVR,Max. 24CH(Upto 16CH BNC/24CH IP),2MP@15FPS,HDMI1/VGA/CVBS,HDMI2,Audio/Alarm,4 SATA

32Ch 1080p 2MP Dahua DVR (XVR5432L)

Dahua XVR5432L 32CH DVR,Max. 32Ch(Upto 32CH BNC/32CH IP),2MP@15FPS,HDMI1/VGA/CVBS,HDMI2,Audio/Alarm,4 SATA

Dahua 8Ch DVR 4MP lite (XVR5108H-S2)

Dahua XVR5108H-S2 8CH DVR,Max. 12CH(Upto 8CH BNC/12CH IP),1st&5th-ch 4M-N/2MP@30fps,Full-ch 4M-N/2MP@15FPS,HDMI/VGA,Audio,1 SATA

16Ch Dahua 4MP lite DVR (XVR5116H-S2)

Dahua XVR5116H-S2 16CH DVR,Max. 24CH,Upto 16CH BNC,Upto 24CH IP),1,5,9,13th-ch 4M-N/2MP@30fps,Full-ch 4M-N/2MP@15FPS,HDMI/VGA,Audio,1 SATA

Dahua 16Ch DVR 4MP lite (XVR5216AN-S2)

Dahua XVR5216AN-S2 16CH DVR,Max. 24CH(Upto 16CH BNC/24CH IP),1,5,9,13th-ch 4M-N/2MP@30fps,Full-ch 4M-N/2MP@15FPS,HDMI/VGA,Audio,2 SATA

4MP lite Dahua 16Ch DVR (XVR5216A-S2)

Dahua XVR5216A-S2 16CH DVR,Max. 24CH(Upto 16CH BNC/24CH IP),4M-N/2MP@15FPS,HDMI/VGA,Audio/Alarm,2 SATA

4MP 4Ch Dahua DVR Recorder (XVR5104H-4M)

Dahua XVR5104H-4M 4CH DVR,Max. 6CH(Upto 4H BNC/6CH IP),4MP@15FPS,HDMI/VGA,Audio,1 SATA

Dahua DVR 32Ch DVR Recorder (XVR5832S-X)

Dahua XVR5832S-X 32CH DVR,Max. 32CH(Upto 32CH BNC/32CH IP),5M-N@10FPS/2MP@15FPS,HDMI/VGA,Audio/Alarm,8 SATA

HD-CVI DVRs, High Definition Composite Video Interface, in a summary.. With HD-CVI DVRs you now are able run a high definition 720P over coax, not only that you can do that but also to a distances of up to 1500ft without any issues, you can now utilize your existing pre-ran RG59 or RG6 Coax cable and upgrade your current standard low resolution analog cameras to High definition 720P resolution, no need to change your cable, no need to change your power source or connectors, all you have to do is get the right number of channels HD-CVI DVR and HD-CVI cameras and your done and now you have a 720p HD security camera system for very low coast.