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16 HD-SDI Magic DVR Replacement - Thursday, April 29, 2021
16ch HD-SDI EX-SDI DVR is now available, up to 8MP EX-SDI and up to 4MP SDI camera support now in stock as a Magic DVR replacement.

Houston Security Cameras Installation

Professional Security Cameras Installtion Houston

12 years and over 800 installation locations, we have been providing security camera installation and CCTV solutions to the great Houston area, We pride our selves in our great products, professional installations and mostly our customer service.

Houston retail security cameras

Retail Stores

Our expertise in security cameras and installation has helped retail owners in Houston minimize losses, increase productivity and secure their employees.
Security cameras for storage facelities in houston

Storage Facilities

With state of the art facial recognition security cameras and the right system design, our installation makes monitoring storage facilities 24/7 a breeze.
Houston’s reliable Day care security cameras installation

DayCare Facilities

We make sure you get the coverage you need, drop off and pick up areas, playgrounds and hallways end even the sleeping areas, nothing missed.
 Houston commercial warehouses security cameras installation

Commercial Warehouses

Warehouses can be challenging, with safety & equipment coverage on mind our installation have been securing Houston warehouses operations for over a decade.
Office buldings security cameras installation

Office Buildings

Multilevel office buildings and garages, with high traffic and expanded areas, we have the wired and wireless solutions to for a cost effective security cameras.
Security cameras Installation for Houston gas stations

Gas Stations

License plate recognition, capture transactions on screens, Gas station require security cameras that will provide the safety for cars, customers and employees.
Complete installation for security cameras in houston restaurants and bars.


Restaurant operations require non-invasive camera installation that adopt to your low lighting and without compromising food safety, wastage control or cash.
Security camera installation for car dealrships in the great Houston area.

Car Dealerships

With extended lot sizes, in car deanships we implement wireless cameras with long-range night vision & zoom, covering car inventory to the very small detail.
Enterprise level security camera installation for hotels

Hotel Security

With high tech complex facial recognition and traffic count security cameras our Houston hotels installations provide the enterprise and complete security.
Security cameras for hospitals and clinics houston TX

Hospitals & healthcare

Our experts are familiar with regulations, compliance of hospitals & healthcare facilities and security cameras integration with medical equipment.
Houston School security camera installation

Schools Security

Serving the Houston school district with HD security cameras, guaranty full school campuses and facility coverage, making schools much safer and secure.
caisnos and gaming rooms security camera installation

Casinos and Gaming

From facial recognition to 4K cameras, we offer security cameras, equipment and solutions for high roller establishments for the Casino industry.


Professional Security Camera Installation In Houston

Established in 2008, We have been providing security camera installation for the great Houston area, with over 800 installations to date, its what we pride our selves in, reliability is a key when it comes to your security cameras and we know installation is a big part of making your security cameras last to their full potential, ultimately giving our Houston customers the reliability, satisfaction and service they deserve. 

With our free estimate policy we guarantee that a professional installer will visit you within 48 hour time frame to assist and plan for your security camera installation, Our installation team will also recommend the equipment that would fit your needs and your budget, we have provided security camera installation and consulting serviced for virtually every industry in Houston, TX metropolitan area and its surroundings, from oil and gas, retail shops, school, hospitals to malls, car dealers, hotels and many more, our installation services extends over a hundred miles surrounding Houston, our installation teams are highly trained and are experts on how to make sure your security camera are installed in the best manor to outlast the weather conditions in our beloved state of Texas.

Do not hesitate to give us a call at 832-266-2444 for any questions regarding installation or to request a free quote, we will work with you on the estimate visit. Please see the list below for some of the areas we have serviced in the past.


What makes us who we are


With over 10 years in business we have the experience in virtually all fields of security camera systems, from technology, to design to implementation and to installation.

Our Team

Our team
A highly trained knowledgeable group of professionals combining years of IT & surveillance technologies, informative sales reps along with our hands on tech support.


Customer support
It's our pride that we stand behind our products and services, before or after purchase we guarantee that your question or issue are taken care of and with no time or hassle.