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16 HD-SDI Magic DVR Replacement - Thursday, April 29, 2021
16ch HD-SDI EX-SDI DVR is now available, up to 8MP EX-SDI and up to 4MP SDI camera support now in stock as a Magic DVR replacement.

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We are a team of experts in security surveillance solutions and IT that came together in 2008 to provide unmatched selection of products, innovative security solutions and superb customer service. Based out of Houston Texas, Our experts have helped thousands to of homeowners, small businesses and large enterprises with their security cameras solutions and surveillance needs. It's very important to realize that more than just selling security camera equipment, the planning and design is what we do best. We have helped design surveillance solutions for all industries including oil and gas, educational institutes, government agencies and medical establishments. At Veotron Technologies we are proud of our expertise and we will continue to offer our services to satisfy you.