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We are excited to offer a new 4K line of products, now you can enjoy ultra high definition 8MP security cameras and DVR recorders with a very affordable price.

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16CH 1080p HD-TVI Security MAGIC Lite Series DVR System (TVST-MAGIC-TL16)

16Ch HD-TVI Hybrid DVR, Supports Both TVI and Analog 960H REAL-TIME Live / 1080p@240FPS Pentaplex Recording / 1080p@120FPS Playback • H.264 • Programmable Multi-CH Spot Out • iPhone® Android® App Available. Crystal Clear 1080p Live Video • Dual Streaming • Mac Compatible • POS Interface ready • RS-485 for PTZ control • DDNS Support
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32CH realtime 960H high resolution DVR H.264 (D2532HD-C)

Real-time 32Ch Standalone 960 DVR, supports up to 8 SATA hard drives and and eSATA port, HDMI 1080p port and Supports iOS, Android and other mobile devices. D2532HD-C

VeoTek 16Ch HD-CVI DVR (VT-CVI5116)

16Ch High Definition HD-CVI DVR, High Resolution over coax cable HD-CVI Digital Video Recorder.

8Ch HD-CVI VeoTek DVR (VT-CVI5108)

8Ch High Definition HD-CVI DVR, High Resolution over coax cable HD-CVI Digital Video Recorder.

VeoTek 4Ch HD-CVI DVR (VT-CVI5104)

4Ch High Definition VeoTek HD-CVI DVR, High Resolution over coax cable HD-CVI Digital Video Recorder.

4Ch HD-TVI DVR 4Ch Analog + 1Ch IP (LTD8304T-FT)

Affordable 4Ch HD-TVI Tribrid DVR, this DVR LTD8304T-FT, will work with HD-TVI cameras and Analog Cameras using 4 BNC inputs. Auto-detect feature will make connecting your Analog camera or HD-TVI camera seamless, Using H.264 video compression this DVR will maximize your disk space and recording time, will also support an additional IP Camera, very affordable 4Ch 1080p/720p HD-TVI DVR.

16Ch HD-TVI HD DVR 16Ch Analog + 2Ch IP (LTD8316T-FT)

LTD8316T-FT, 16Ch HD-TVI DVR, with Tribrid handling capability to mix HD-TVI analog 960h and IP into one DVR, Full HD 1080p Display and Record at H.264 compression, VGA and HDMI out, and iOS and Android support, easy plug and play auto-detect technology.

8Ch HD-TVI Camera DVR 8Ch Analog 2Ch IP (LTD8308T-FT)

HD-TVI 8Ch DVR Model# LTD8308T-FT, a great 8Ch HD-TVI DVR with support also to Analog 960h and 2 IP Camera, Auto detect between HD-TVI and analog, 1 Audio input, VGA and HDMI at the same time, up to 4TB SATA Drive support for maximum recording using H.264 video compression and compatible with both Mac and PC.

16Ch HD-TVI HD DVR 16Ch Analog + 2Ch IP (LTD8416T-ST)

Stunning Full HD 1080p Picture quality in a compact DVR that will support 3 different technologies at the same time HD-TVI, Analog and IP, 16 HD-TVI/960h BNC inputs and the ability to add 2 additional IP Cameras, This LTD8416T-ST DVR is a great DVR upgrade if you have existing analog cameras, H.264 compression, VGA and HDMI output, 4Ch audio inputs and many more features.

Truon 16CH 1080p HD NVR for 16 HD IP cameras (NVST-SR516)

NVST-SR516 - 16Ch 1080p NVR, up to 5 megapixel recording resolution, Supports onvif 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 Also equipped with HDMI output along with VGA and BNC and up to 6TB storage.

Truon 32Ch Hybrid Network Video Recorder 16 IP Cameras + 16 Analog (NVST-SR632H)

NVST-SR632H is 32Ch a hybrid video recorder that recorder from analog and digital IP at the same time, with support to record from IP network megapixel (up to 5MP) cameras and standard cctv analog cameras at D1 resolution the NVST-SR632H is great NVR if you are expanding your analog cameras system, as you my keep some of your existing cameras and add new HD IP cameras. with multiple output option VGA, HDMI and BNC and capacity for 8 SATA drives.

HD-SDI 16 Channel FULL HD Security DVR (XVST-MAGIC-16M)

Real-time Multi Screen Playback Real-time Live Display and Recording H.264® High Compression Codec High Speed Network Video Transmission Advanced PTZ Control • Programmable Spot Out Crystal Clear 1080p blu-ray quality live video Smart Phone support Mac compatible.
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16CH Full HD @ HD-SDI 1080p DVR (DVST-PRO-HS-S6100)

HD Sdi For 1080p Resolution Full Hd Recording Hdmi Output For Sharp And Clear Live View On A Full Hd 1080p Screen Dual Video Stream - Blazing Fast Remote View Individual Audio In, Programmable Alarm In & Out For A Video Channel Jog Shuttle For Easy Playback Control Search & Control PTZ On Your Mobile Phone
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Security DVRs

Our selection of security video recorders is carefully put together to cover all possible angles of your CCTV recording needs, including up to date technologies, our HD-TVI DVRs and HD-CVI DVRs are state of the art digital over coax high definition security recorders, 4-Channel DVRs, 8Ch and 16 Channel DVRs utilizing H.264 video compression and fully loaded with features such as continuous recording, motion and alarm triggered, with capability of remote playback or live view including on mobile devices that will let you keep an eye on your home or business. Our HD-SDI DVRs and Network IP NVRs are nothing less than enterprise level of reliability and flexibility all at affordable prices. our NVRs support Onvif protocol that will give you virtually limitless choices and options of compatible IP cameras supported. Call us today to customize your DVR or NVR needs for up to 32Ch and hybrid options available.