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16 HD-SDI Magic DVR Replacement - Thursday, April 29, 2021
16ch HD-SDI EX-SDI DVR is now available, up to 8MP EX-SDI and up to 4MP SDI camera support now in stock as a Magic DVR replacement.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Now shop for HD-TVI Security cameras, DVRs and TVI accessories with a smile on your face, we know everyone likes extra savings, all of our Houston local dealers and installers deserve better prices.


HD-TVI Security cameras work just like standard analog, using the same cable, connectors and installation, HD-TVI security cameras provide up to 1080p Full HD of picture quality at 30fps real time, unlike IP cameras HD-TVI requires no configuration on the camera side, just plug and play. HD-TVI security cameras must be combined with a HD-TVI DVR in order for them to work and provide you with up to 2MP HD resolution.



We carry a verity of HD-TVI DVRs from 4Ch all the way up to 32Ch, very reliable and come with standard 3 years warranty, our HD-TVI platinum DVRs offer the option to connect to your old standard cameras as well, which makes upgrading your old CCTV system such a breeze, mix and match HD-TVI cameras with Analog.


Houston Loyal customers

No all of our local dealers and installers have the option to choose local pick up on our site or simply they can as always call their orders in for local pickup.

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